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July 23 Edition

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Scott and Ramie Coughlin take a dive

Mud toss!

After burying their truck up to the axles at the mud races held Sunday as part of Iroquois Sports Day, Scott and Ramie Coughlin took a dive themselves. (News photo by David Tritle)

Coounty discusses
roads, lawyers

Donna Palmlund

Kingsbury County commissioners Tuesday discussed both negative and positive feedback they have received recently about previously paved county roads that have been ground up and turned back to gravel. Commissioner Audrey Lembke recently rode with county highway superintendent Dave Sorenson to check the road going east from the water treatment plant on Highway 25 north of De Smet. “The road is good. Its like concrete,” she said.

Some of the commissioners have received complaints about dust on some of the roads that are not completed. “Right now is the worst it will be. It’s going to be dusty until they lay the new gravel,” Commission Chair Shelley Nelson said.

“It’s human nature for people to panic when something is new. Once they see the final product, they will feel better about it,” Commissioner Audrey Lembke said.

Barn quilts add
country beauty

Donna Palmlund

Some area residents have begun creating and installing barn quilts and they hope the idea will catch on in Kingsbury County and the surrounding area.

Barn quilts are large painted wooden or metal quilt squares that are hung on a barn or other building. Some people display freestanding quilts.

Barn quilts have been popular for many years in some of the eastern and southern states, but have gained popularity across the United States and Canada.

Many areas promote quilt trails, where a series of barn quilts can be seen at different locations along a route.

Today there are established quilt trails in more than half of the states in the country. There are several documented barn quilts in South Dakota, but no official quilt trail in the state.

Joan Wollschlager, Mary Lee and Sally Lee all display barn quilts they created and would like to see a quilt trail established in Kingsbury County.

available soon

Donna Palmlund

The release of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography” is coming soon, according to it’s publisher, the South Dakota State Historical Society, (SDSHS).

The Little House Heritage Trust, the administrators of Wilder’s estate, granted the rights to publish Pioneer Girl to the SDSHS Press partly as a result of the Press’ award-wining biography, “Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life,” by Pamela Smith Hill. Hill also edited and contributed to the new publication.

Pioneer Girl was Wilder’s first attempt at writing her childhood story. The book was intended for adult readers, but was never published.

The publication features Wilder’s original text, essays by Hill and many historical photographs and images, along with annotations throughout the book to provide historical context.