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August 26 Edition

Mike jenkins sweats a simulated search

Jenkins on the move

Kingsbury County sheriff’s deputy Michael Jenkins searches for an armed gunman Monday during an emergency training exercise in the courthouse.

Emergency exercise seems all too real, teaches preparedness

First responders and law enforcement from De Smet, Lake Preston, Arlington, Iroquois and Oldham joined local medical personnel to receive hands-on training Monday when Kingsbury County Emergency Management sponsored a full-scale emergency exercise in De Smet.

The realistic scenario that transpired was of two shooters in the Kingsbury County Courthouse during a simulated jury trial in the second-floor courtroom and a county commission meeting in the basement.

Kingsbury County Emergency manager Cindy Bau said a yearly exercise such as this is required through an agreement between state and local emergency management.

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Local farmer Duffy wins SDSU Eminent award

Oldham farmer Gary Duffy has focused much of his off-farm time on discovering ways to add value to crops and livestock raised by South Dakota farmers and ranchers.

“Because we are located in the middle of the nation, transportation costs eat up a lot of our profits. If we can process things in the state and export a finished product — whether that is ethanol or livestock — then at least we keep some value here at home to help South Dakota's economy grow and improve our citizens' lives,” says the third generation Kingsbury County farmer and 2015 Eminent Farmer.

Putting his words into action, Duffy served as the founding board president of the South Dakota Value Added Development Center. The organization helps individuals and groups determine the feasibility and financial ability of starting agricultural value added projects.

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