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March 25th Edition

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Kyla Roth at San Diego Surfer rugby practice

Rough and Ready

Kyla Roth will play next month on the 2015 USA Touch Rugby women’s team in Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Photo courtesy of the Sand Diego Surfers rugby team)

De Smet native travels to rugby world cup

Donna Palmlund

Kyla (Larson) Roth, a 2006 graduate of De Smet High School, is one of 16 women selected to play April 29-May 3 on the 2015 USA Touch Rugby women’s team in the 2015 Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup in Coffs Harbour, Australia. The rugby World Cup is held once every four years.

It is anticipated that this year’s event will be the biggest World Cup to date, with more than 100 teams from up to 30 nations expected to take part.

2015 is the first year a United States women’s team will compete.

“Rugby has become a way of life for me these past seven years,” Roth said. “Being selected to play for the United States of America’s first-ever women’s side is such an honor and privilege. This sport has made me in to a better athlete and I believe I am part of the driving force to grow women in sports.”

De Smet academic decathlon takes state

Donna Palmlund

A group of eight De Smet High School students March 9 won the state academic decathlon. De Smet will represent South Dakota April 16-18 at the United States Academic Decathlon National Finals in Garden Grove, Calif.

Teachers Kathy Sanderson and Emily Koehler coached the students and will accompany them on the trip.

At the state competition students were split into three categories, based on their grade-point averages, and they competed against other students at their level. The team received a score to determine if they won the overall competition. Participating students and the number of medals each of them won include

Following the national competition, students will spend a day sightseeing and visit a beach — an activity several said they are looking forward to.