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August 27 Edition

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De Smet Football takes the ice bucket challenge

Football takes the challenge

Members of the De Smet High School volleyball team and De Smet/Iroquois football team participated Monday in the “ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness and money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Identifiable students are Trinity Miller, rear left, Kenzi Blue and Makayla Fox; Daniel Foley, front left, Jon Todd and Jamison Hauck. (News photo by Dave Tritle)

Dunn exhibit opens
in Brookings

Donna Palmlund

The public has an opportunity from now until Jan 11, 2015, to view 116 of Harvey Dunn’s original works in “Harvey Dunn, the Complete Collection,” an exhibit at the South Dakota Art Museum on the campus of South Dakota State University in Brookings.

Dunn’s art is displayed in other places across the country, such as the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., but the South Dakota Art Museum has, by far, the largest collection, making Dunn’s work one of the cornerstones of the museum. Many Dunn pieces are always on display, but they are usually broken down into smaller shows based around one particular concept. According to Jodi Lundgren, a curator at the museum, the current exhibit is the first time that most of the Dunn pieces the museum owns have been displayed together in one space.

The works are mixed together and include everything from Dunn’s better-known oil on canvas paintings to crayon-on-paper drawings. Some of these works may have never been shown because they did not connect to any particular concept.

Train crossing
waits increase

David Tritle

The trains seem to be getting longer in De Smet lately. If not longer, maybe slower. According to various informal reports called in to The News office and received by city council members, morning wait times at train crossings in town have lengthened to as long as an hour in some cases.

“It is getting to be a serious problem,” said Mayor Gary Wolkow. “Kids are actually having to crawl under railroad cars to get to school. That’s a serious safety issue.”

The city is reported to have a deal with the railroad that limits the number of cars in any one train to 100. But Wolkow said “One day I counted 146 cars. The trains are definitely getting longer.”

The railroad serving De Smet has recently undergone some changes. The line, which used to belong to Canadian Pacific (CP), has recently been taken over by Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad (RCP&E) and governance has moved from Minneapolis to Rapid City.

Gigov, Koehler
new DS teachers

Donna Palmlund

Robin Gigov is a new special education teacher at De Smet middle and high schools this year.

Gigov grew up in Huron. She received her post-secondary education at Northern State University in Aberdeen and Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell.

Previously, Gigov taught special education to students in grades K-5 in Huron, and taught girls in grades 4-12 at the Abbot House in Mitchell. She also was a one-on-one teacher for a child with autism.

Jon Koehler worked as a part-time paraprofessional at DHS last year, and was hired full-time this year.

Koehler grew up in Spearfish and attended South Dakota State University in Brookings. Before coming to De Smet, he taught at SDSU.

Koehler is married to Emily Koehler, a science teacher at De Smet High School, and has lived in De Smet for 2 ½ years.