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Nicole Berg wins 2017 Kingsbury County Snow Queen

Nicole Berg wins 2017 Kingsbury County Snow Queen

The Lake Preston Auditorium was transformed Sunday into a dazzling winter wonderland for the 62nd annual Snow Queen Festival, sponsored by the Progressive Community Women.

Last year’s snow queen, Karley DeKnikker of Lake Preston, crowned this year’s winner, De Smet senior Nicole Berg, a daughter of John and Mena Berg Another De Smet student, Makayla DeDeyne, a daughter of Brad and Kathy De Deyne, was chosen first runner-up and Gianna Janssen, De Smet, a daughter of Julianna and Doug Janssen, was second runner-up. Other finalists were Olivia Christensen, Lake Preston, a daughter of Kim and John Christensen and Callie Martens, De Smet, a daughter of Jenny Martens and Mike Martens.

The contestants chose De Smet senior Katelynn Gehm, a daughter of Lynell Tande and Thomas Gehm, as Miss Congeniality.

The PCW will sponsor Berg’s participation in the state snow queen contest to take place next January in Aberdeen and the organization will award her with a $250 scholarship following a successful completion of her first semester of higher education.

There were 15 contenders for Snow Queen this year from Lake Preston, De Smet and Arlington. Snow Queen candidates are interviewed and are judged on appearance, poise, personality, sincerity, expression and stage performance. The final five finalists also have to answer a question in front of the audience. Each girl was asked the same question and did not hear it until she was brought onstage.

This year’s question was:

“With all the turmoil in the world today, we hear a lot about the “good old days.” If you could live in any time era, when would it be and why?”

Contestants gave answers ranging from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s pioneer times to the stylish1940s and ‘50s, the peace and love era of the late 1960s, and two contestants who would choose to live in today’s world with all of its advanced technology.

Anne Lesch of De Smet emceed the event. Pianist Jodi Jensen provided background music throughout the evening.

Travis Denison sang and played his guitar while judges chose from among the final five Snow Queen finalists.

Lake Preston seniors Cody Perkins and Allen Strande served as escorts for the girls. Snow Queen judges were Maria Groos, Lona Groos, Nick Opdahl and Tracy Opdahl.

Posted on 11-22-2017

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