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Veterans present for De Smet's annual program

Veterans present for De Smet's annual program

Alex Gigov, rear left, Gary Schumacher, Wade Hoefert and Geoff Langland; Jamie Fenner, fourth row left, Tyler Gehm, Thomas Gehm, John Schipper, Gary Wolkow, Jerry Hutchinson, James Pekron and Kayli Buchholz; Dwayne LaFave, third row left, Lon Bachelle, Greg Skyberg, Ron Skyberg and Gerald Skyberg; Del Trebil, second row left, Dennis Smith, Richard Janssen, Merle Klinkel, Wil Ward, Edward Moeller, Cliff Poppen and Tacy Boldt; Larry Cheney, front row left, Glen Wendel, Lyle Richards, Joshua Roth, August Mundhenke, Jerald Keller, John Fox, Charles Munger and Maurice Kruger.

Posted on 11-16-2018

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