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Flooding plagues De Smet area

Flooding plagues De Smet area

Lake Preston, Lake Thompson and Lake Henry areas haven’t seen significant flooding since 2011. With the large accumulation of snow this winter and the recent increase in temperatures, ditches, creeks, culverts, sloughs and bodies of water are filling up fast and flowing lots of water. Traveling in any direction from De Smet you’re sure to see lots of moving and standing water in different and odd locations.

In Kingsbury County, there were well over 20 roads closed because of the recent thaws. The list of road closures is constantly changing, because of roads opening back up and others closeing. If you encounter difficult road conditions don’t drive through it. Contact the Kingsbury County Sheriff’s Office at 854-3339 or the Emergency Management office at 854-3711.

Emergency Manager Cindy Bau has been monitoring and reporting road closures. She asked that citizens of Kingsbury County respect the barricades placed when a road is closed. Do not try to bypass them or jeopardize their integrity in any way. She said these barricades were placed for your protection.

Gov. Noem has made an emergency declaration for the flooding and townships may be reimbursed for expenses and time spent on monitoring roads, closing and repairing roads. Bau recommends that township officials record time spent monitoring roads and culverts, document damage done and take pictures. Most importantly, keep track of hours spent performing these tasks.

Bau also recommends the web sight for more information on what you can do for flooding and your safety.

One of the most import things to do to avoid basement flooding is to remove accumulated snow from around your house’s foundation to a lower grade according to the web site. If you have water that may be entering your basement the county has sandbags right inside the east-side glass door of the Sheriff’s Office. That door isn’t locked and can always be accessed. Please be respectful for the needs of others as well and take only the sandbags you need. At Front Street and Highway 25, is the old city barn and there is a pile of sand there and usually a shovel. If you need to fill the sandbags with sand bring a shovel just in case the one there is gone. At there are videos showing how to fill the sandbags quickly and set up barricades with them.

Lastly, Bau said be respectful of residents in areas being affected by the floods. Please don’t go sight-seeing and drive around the affected areas.

Posted on 03-29-2019

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