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De Smet graduate Rylie Osthus nears end of impressive college basketball career

De Smet graduate Rylie Osthus nears end of impressive college basketball career

Rylie Osthus is a 2015 De Smet graduate and a girl’s high school basketball star. She is in her senior year at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell and playing basketball for the Lady Tigers who won their national championship last year. One day she hopes to become a chiropractor.

Rylie Osthus is the oldest daughter of Doug and Shelly Osthus of De Smet . She grew up in De Smet and played basketball during her school career.

If the last name sounds familiar, it probably is. Her dad is the current coach of the Lady Bulldogs. He has earned a good reputation with basketball, dating all the way back to his high school days at De Smet in the late 1980’s.

You could say that Osthus grew up around basketball, or that it is in her blood. Her younger sister, Rynn, is a senior at De Smet and plays for the Lady Bulldogs, while her younger brother, Rett, is a freshman and plays for the Bulldogs as well. Both have impressive stats with the De Smet teams.

“Obviously my parents were a big influence,” said Osthus, “Just taking me to games, but one of the best stories my parents used to tell. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, our boys (from De Smet) went to a state championship. When I was there, I told them that I wanted a championship like that and that kind of sparked it. My family was just really big into pushing me to achieve that goal.”

While Osthus was playing for De Smet, the girl’s basketball team made it to district playoffs in 2012. In 2013, they went to state and took second place. In 2014, the Lady Bulldogs made it to regional playoffs. In her final year of high school, the De Smet girls headed to state and placed third. The Lady Bulldogs captured three district championships and two regional championships during her time with the team, fulfilling a desire that Osthus had since she was a child.

During her time at De Smet Osthus credits her teachers, coaches, friends and family for setting up expectations of being a good student and being a good leader in the community.

Her advice to the seniors in high school is, “Just enjoy it,” said Osthus, “I enjoyed time with my friends in high school, but as I’ve gotten older, I don't get to see them as much anymore.”

Rylie Osthus credits the support the community of De Smet gave her in being where she is today. “De Smet as a community is just amazing. I still have fans that come from De Smet. I have my “old guy crew” that come to every home game here in Mitchell. The support that De Smet has is just incredible. I’m sure there’s an entertainment factor in it too, but I've just loved it so much more because of where it came from,” said Osthus.

At DWU, Osthus has been a physically aggressive player, but rarely fouls out. She is constantly striving for perfection. She said, “I like challenges. It wouldn’t be as fun without the challenges. If it was easy, everyone would do it.” She is now in her senior year and her basketball career is winding down.

As a DWU freshman, her free throws were at 71 percent; as a senior, they’re up to 84 percent. Her field shots started at 37 percent her first year and have improved to 48 percent.

Osthus has scored 1,325 points throughout her college career, placing her among the lead scorers in DWU history. With the season still continuing and games left to play she should continue improving that position.

Osthus has played in 135 college games and started in every single one since her first game as a freshman.

Coach Jason Christensen describes her as a great leader on and off the court.

With 30 to 38 games a season, and sometimes a road trip of five to eight hours, her grades might suffer, but she has managed to make the dean’s list every semester so far. “Its all about your priorities and who is there to help you along the way, said Osthus.

She has been working on an athletic training degree at DWU. When she started college, she originally wanted to be a physical therapist. One of her teammates, Sarah Carr, has a father who is a chiropractor in Huron and she was invited to do an internship with him one summer. She enjoyed it and has since changed her focus to becoming a chiropractor one day. Both career choices have the same college degree plan. She plans to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn., and earn her doctorate in chiropractic.

Posted on 02-15-2019

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